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Motoring Advice for girls

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I’m not being sexist, but because a husband of 42 years, a parent of three kids and grandfather of four granddaughters, I quite frequently have to check out the planet from the feminine perspective.

Many people say I’m fortunate!

I’ve spent the majority of my working existence with motor cars, and that i have observed through the years that some ladies do appear to possess a anxiety about motor vehicle mechanics and garages.

The very first factor you have to learn how to do would be the routine checks in your vehicle. This requires checking engine oil level, coolant and washer bottle levels and steering wheel pressures. I don’t want to seem patronising however these checks are extremely easy. If you don’t understand how to do that, just ask someone. Please trust me, become familiar with very rapidly and will also enhance your confidence.

Taking your vehicle to some garage for repair might be a problem for many ladies.

We ran a school of motoring for 21 years. We used exactly the same local primary dealer for cars and gas for several years. Eventually, my spouse had an issue with her vehicle, and visited the afore stated local primary dealer to repair it. They stated they didn’t possess the part available to repair her vehicle. She stated towards the auto technician that they BBQ fuel and taters within their showroom, but no part to repair her vehicle. My spouse then sitting lower and began knitting. In charge arrived on the scene after which arranged for that part needed to become obtained from a brand new vehicle within the showroom. She was back on the highway inside an hour. Be assertive but always gracious.

If you think that the garage are actually patronizing you, then play them in their own game.

Explain the issue together with your vehicle, after which let them know that the Husband, Father or Boyfriend would normally keep your vehicle. Say that they’re away a few days ago on the stag night, so could they please provide you with a detailed invoice of work done, and return the defective parts.