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Dos and Don’ts of Importing Cars to Canada

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After relocation, it is hard to let go of your car. If you have relocated to Canada, there are easy steps to follow to import your beloved car to Canada. However, there are some very important ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ when it comes to importing cars to Canada. The Transport Authority of Canada monitors imports of vehicles. Here are a few important dos and don’ts to keep your beloved car with you in Canada:

Dos of Importing Cars to Canada:

  • Compliance to Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) is mandatory to all regulated vehicles that are imported to Canada whether they are designed to be drawn or driven on public roads or those that are designed to be off road vehicles like all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), off road motorcycles, or snowmobiles.
  • Your vehicle should meet all CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards).
  • Keep all your original vehicle documents ready for verification.
  • Keep your vehicle up to date with pollution checks.
  • Get an ITN/AES number if you are importing from the USA. You may want to look at Clearit ITN number requests for detailed info.
  • Contact the Transport Authority of Canada for all doubts before attempting an import.

Don’ts of Importing Cars to Canada:

  • Don’t try to import vehicles that are modified in any way. The vehicle should be in its original manufactured state for importation to Canada. Canada does not allow a modified vehicle as it no longer maintains their original factory issued certification. This includes vehicles that are Canadian certified and modified in the US like trikes from motorcycles, camper from a cargo van, and suspension lift kit to vehicles, disabled access vehicles, increasing vehicle length, refitting vehicle with a new body kit.
  • Don’t forget to file all necessary documentation with the customs of Canada and the country you are importing from.
  • Don’t try to hide pollution records or else your vehicle might be deported or worse destroyed under customs supervision.
  • Don’t forget to contact Canada Border Services Agency for all the taxes and duties required for the importation

Making sure you have covered all the dos and not do any of the don’ts would guarantee a hassle-free and safe importation to Canada. The Canadian government is very strict when it comes to preserving their environment. Therefore, they have a lot of standards and certifications that are required for a successful importation.