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A Range of Family Medical Insurance Packages to Suit your Lifestyle

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A Range of Family Medical Insurance Packages to Suit your Lifestyle

When looking for family health insurance, it isn’t a question of black and white, or simply selecting the nearest policy that fits your needs, as we all lead different lifestyles, and this means you need medical insurance that is tailored to your specific needs. You might be a globetrotter who takes their family around the world, which would require a long-term worldwide medical insurance in a single package, while a small family that has a limited budget might require something a little less substantial.

  • Tailored Solutions –The ability to select what you are covered for, allows you to effectively gauge your requirements, and you won’t be paying for cover that is not appropriate. Someone who never travels would not need global cover, for example, and by stating your requirements, the insurer can come up with something ideal. The best medical insurance in HK, for example, would be one that gives you a 10-year cover period and you only pay for the first 6 years, and what’s more, you receive 108% of everything you paid in at the end of the term. You can add clauses that specifically cover cancer diagnosis, with extra payments of up to HK$300,000 as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed, and with other medical expense options, you can decide on your specific level of cover.
  • Elite Family Package – This would ideally suit the CEO who regularly moves around the world and likes his family to accompany him on many occasions, and with fully comprehensive cover whenever you happen to be, you can relax, at least for the duration of the cover, which could range from one year to a lifetime.
  • Dia-Medic Plans – This type of medical insurance is perfect for someone with diabetes, or anyone who has a family history of sugar related issues, and the policy would typically cover post treatment expenses and hospitalisation.
  • Emergency Accident Cover – If you are concerned about amassing a huge medical bill due to an accident, there are special accident policies that will cover you for this. You can have up to HK$1M in annual medical expenses, which is more than adequate for an emergency situation, and with a guarantee of a lifetime renewal, irrespective of the insured person’s health, you can be sure you are protected in the event of prolonged treatment.
  • Comprehensive Worldwide Cover – If you prefer a premium package, you can include dental treatment, accidents and even outpatient costs, allowing you and your family to select the right type of cover, and wherever you are in the world, you are covered for every eventuality.

The great thing about using online insurance providers is how fast and convenient things are, and you can even compare several quotes from leading providers, allowing you to select the one that gives you the most in terms of quality health insurance. If you would like to know more, an online search will bring up a list of established medical insurance companies, and the rest is easy.