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4 Professionals You Must Know About When Selling Your Property

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Selling a house is surely a big decision and should be given due care so as to ensure that you get a good price for your property. There are a few professionals you will be required to get in touch with to sell your property at the price it deserves. And contacting these professionals will help you achieve this.

In this article, you will find a list of every one these required professionals. Let’s see who they are and how they can help you.

1 – Real Estate Agents

The moment one thinks of renting, buying or selling a house, the first person that comes to mind is a real estate agent. It is so because he is the basic link between buyers and sellers, and remains a part of the deal from the start to receiving payment. When you approach a real estate agent, ensure that they have the right license, expertise and experience.

2 – Conveyancers

If you don’t know yet who or what a conveyancer is, your real estate agent will probably bring it to notice. A conveyancer is the person that transfers your property rights to the buyer. A conveyancer is licensed practitioner and their importance can be realised with the role they play. You can see a detailed description about professional conveyancers at

3 – Home Inspector

As this job title implies, a home inspector is here to tell you the good and bad things in your house, which directly affect the price, either positively or negatively. You might think you know what aspects of your house are in a bad condition and will be noticed by buyer, and skip the idea of hiring a home inspector. But that’s a bad idea! Why? Because your buyer will engage a home inspector who will do it professionally!

With the latest equipment and technologies such as thermal imaging, a home inspector can see behind the walls literally. Their major concern is to detect hidden leakages, moisture and cracks in the foundation, which you can’t do with your naked eye. So get a comprehensive report and get necessary repairs. Remember these unattended repairs will directly affect the value of your house.

4 – Handymen

So you have a detailed report of what needs improvement and repairs in your house. Generally, the repairs are minor like fixing malfunctioning taps in bathroom and kitchen, door locks and clogged drains. The major concerns are related to insulation and moisture, especially in the basement.

List the needed repairs on priority basis and contact the relevant repairmen to get the jobs done.  You might need to contact the following professionals:

  • Plumber
  • Locksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Painter

And a few more if needed.

You do not want any buyers to visit your house until you have got these tasks done. You must realize that every professional has their unique and important role to play at some stage to ultimately enhance the final value of your house.

Some of them ensure the security of your transaction, much needed for a safe bargain to avoid a financial scam or loss. To sum up, you just do not undermine the value of one for something else. A little saving on expenses today may cost you big tomorrow.