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3 New Reasons for You to Market that Business with a Website

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3 New Reasons for You to Market that Business with a Website

If you are in business and you don’t yet have a website for that business, it is time for you to start asking yourself why. If asking the big little question is good enough for Steve Jobs, it is good enough for you. Every time someone came up with a new idea he would ask that simple question, why. Why do this?

So, if you are running a business that is successful, though maybe not as busy as you would like it to be, you may be asking the same thing. Why mess with a good thing if this business is already humming along without a website? Well, here are a few good answers, and none of them are “because everyone else has one.”

It Tells Your Story

Even if you never plan to add an international payment gateway so you can sell to millions in foreign lands, you can still use the site to tell your story. After all, we have to imagine there was a compelling reason for you to start this business up. My guess is that it is one that more people would like to know, and sharing it with them let’s them in on your passion behind this business.

So, use that website to tell your story to them, and why you love it so much. It is after all, your story of why you started this business that is at the core of it. Share it through the website, with your bio and even perhaps a blog about what is happening in this world. It will connect you just as if you were there in the store, chatting over a cup of coffee.

Better Than a Catalog

Some people say that putting up a website is just like publishing a mail order catalog, and that is true up to a point. But the thing that a website can do that no catalogue can do is reach out to those who are looking at it. So, remember that beyond just letting everyone know the hundred and one different widgets you have to offer the world, there is the reason you want to offer them.

Connects You to Your Customers

What fascinates you about those widgets so that you want to track down every variety they come in and offer them up? That is the story we want to know, when we go to your site to look for the missing elusive widget we need. You might be the only website that offers 167 varieties of widgets that you know about, and your customers may be the kind of people that are always on the hunt for just the right one.

This is the part of your business that connects you to them, and makes it easy for them to see that you are their go-to website when they are building and need the right widget to complete it. You share their passion for having the right thing at the right time. It leads them to think about you and your site with a new insight. If your passion for them is like ours, then we will be back for more.